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Billy Carson-The Truth Shall Set You Free, Part 2

Today, we are going to be continuing part two with my special guest, Billy Carson. Last week, we spoke about Billy’s childhood, his channel 4BiddenKnowledge TV, about reality, Akashic Records, chaos and trauma. I’m glad you’re here with us this week as we dive a little deeper into life’s truths. We start this interview where we left off last week talking about, doing the work on the inner space to change the outer space.

Billy Carson – Delving Deep into the Truth Part 1

I am so excited because I have a very special guest, I have been following him for quite some time and finally connected, and now he’s on my show. His name is Billy Carson, he’s the founder and CEO of Forbidden Knowledge Inc. And the best-selling author of the compendium of the Emerald tablet and Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke. He is also the founder and CEO 4Biddenknowledge TV, a new streaming TV network, and he is an expert host on Deep Space original, a streaming series by Gaia. He also serves as an expert host on Gaia’s original Series, Ancient Civilizations