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Forever is a Really Long Time

Today I wanted to talk to you about my marriage. I was married for 21 years, that’s a very long time. And I don’t know about you, if you’re married or if you think about getting married, or you’re in a relationship, maybe this message will help you.

When You Know You Know

Today we’re going to talk about love, because it’s February, the month of love. So, I’m going to tell you the best love story I’ve ever heard, or ever been involved with actually. Once upon a time, there were six girls who went on a search for love…

Comparison is the Death of You

Today I thought that we should talk a little bit more about confidence, because a lot of people struggle with it. Having confidence really does matter, because what affects one person affects another. You make a difference, and when you have confidence, you show up ready to do this thing called life.