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I Get Myself So Excited in the Shower

Episode #4: I’m so excited that you came back! Because today I want to talk about how I get myself so excited in the shower. I’m going to give you a few tips on how you can get yourself excited in the shower too. It’s definitely worth it, shower time can be way more than just getting ourselves all cleaned up. I often get so into my mindset time while in the shower that I bring myself to tears of joy.

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Today Not Tomorrow

Episode #2: I am excited to have you here today because we are going to talk about weight management. It’s January, starting a new year and a new you. Let’s bring it, in 2021! Okay, so I actually lost 30 pounds in 2011. It’s like a million years ago, and I still have kept it off, which is super exciting, and I want to tell you how I did that. Not really what steps I took, but just how I did it, just like the mindset part of it.

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And So the Journey Begins…

Episode #1: Hi and welcome, I’m Victoria, the Creator of You Are the Magic Pill podcast, thank you SO much for tuning in! Today I will be talking to you about my inspiration in creating this podcast, a little bit about who I am and my hope that each upcoming episode will help you to realize that you have the power within you. You are the magic pill. Grab a pen, a notepad and thank you for listening!