Episode #47: Welcome to You Are the Magic Pill, I’m your host Victoria, thank you so much for joining me. I’m excited because I have Elizabeth Hoekstra on the show and we had a conversation that I think you’re going to really enjoy. A little bit about Elizabeth is that she started off in the entertainment industry and she was a model and she was in music, videos and movies and magazines. That’s so awesome. And she has now the director of operations for the worldwide brand and TV network for bidden knowledge, Inc. She’s also helping to organize and grow for Ben knowledge, Inc. Mainstream, all the hosting, her podcast, Biohack Your Best Life alongside president CEO of forbidden knowledge. Billy Carson, you should go check that out. It’s pretty awesome. And Elizabeth its most recent accomplishments have been writing her first book, The Recipe to Elevated Consciousness, which quickly became a bestseller.

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• You know, basically my life, it started out as a little bit traumatic, not consciously though, which is really what messed me up for the rest of my life. So I was adopted. And just that alone really created trauma and issues in my life, but I couldn’t consciously connect those memories with a feeling with an emotion within myself, because I didn’t consciously remember. As a baby, you got taken away, and then, you know, you were monitored. You weren’t really, you know, loved on for the first couple of months. So I had to figure all of this out through my shadow work that wow, I really started out this life in a traumatic way because I started out, you know, having these abandonment issues. (02:30)

• So I was still trying to self-soothe through drugs and alcohol throughout all of this, even though, you know, I was so successful on the outside, like winning awards and living this extravagant career life as a business person. You know, but I was still inwardly, I was hurting really. When I left the real estate industry and joined, I became a president to a mental health gym. That’s really when I dove into biohacking. I had already experimented along my journey with a little bit of biohacking here and there, but I was using it in a negative way. To try to bring my brain back from the parties. After, you know, a whole night of drinking and drugs, I would use bio-hacking tools to sharpen myself back up. (06:05)

• If you’re being chased by a lion, boom, your body will go into fight or flight, you’ll be able to pick up and run fast because the blood is going to your extremities. You know, your pupils dilate, so you can take in more and you’re basically just running away from a threat. The problem is these days is that people are stuck like that, their bodies are stuck in that response. So now it’s impossible to basically heal yourself because your gut completely shuts down when you’re in fight or flight. So if you’re eating and you’re in fight or flight, you’re not absorbing that nutrition, you’re not taking really anything from that meal that you’re eating. You’re not thinking consciously you lose 30% brain capacity when you’re in fight or flight. (13:27)

• You know, you can really tell the people that have done the work, done the deep shadow work. Because they’ll literally come from a place of no judgment. It’s very difficult for me now to really be angry at people because I understand where that comes from, you know, even the trolls and these people, these haters. I just, honestly, I feel kind of bad for them because their pain runs so deep that they have to express it outwardly to other people, and that’s deep pain within itself. Because if you’ve done the work and you’ve addressed your issues, you can’t really spit that negativity upon other things. It’s almost impossible because you don’t have it inside of you. Wayne Dyer says the best, What happens when you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out, what happens when you squeeze a lemon? Lemon juice comes out. What happens when you squeeze yourself? (20:50)


Elisabeth Hoekstra’s first career was in the entertainment industry,
where she worked as a model and actor on nationally syndicated television programs, movies, music videos, and magazines. Elisabeth’s evolution as an on-camera talent continued to expand while attending Davenport College for business management and marketing administration. Her current position is Director of Operations for the world-wide brand and TV network, 4biddenknowledge Inc. She is now helping to organize and grow 4biddenknowledge Inc. mainstream, all while hosting her popular podcast
“Bio-Hack Your Best Life” alongside President/CEO of 4biddenknowledge, Billy Carson. Elisabeth’s most recent accomplishments have been writing her first book, “The Recipe to Elevated Consciousness” which quickly became a best seller, as well as receiving a certificate in cell biology – mitochondria from Harvard University.


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