Episode #46: Welcome to You Are the Magic Pill, I’m your host Victoria, thank you so much for joining me. Today I am so happy to welcome on the show Jody Colvard. Jody is the CEO of FMG Network and Podcast School. It is because of Jody that I have this podcast and I am excited to share her wisdom on the power of your voice.

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• First off, I’ve been in this business since… Well, I’ve been on the internet since 1994, and I’ve worked early on creating businesses, so in 2004, I started teaching podcasting, and prior to that, I helped people get into TV shows, radio, things like that, and there was so many people that had something that they desperately wanted to share. But there was such a limited amount of space. When you try to go into television or movies or anything like that, there are not a lot of spots available, it’s like everybody was clamoring to get there. But then when I saw the internet, it’s kind of opened up and there’s this opportunity for everybody to have a place to speak… To share the message. Their truth. So one of the things that I did was I created FMG Radio and Podcasting Network, and that was in 2004, the first time I created it, and started really bringing in people to really hone in what their message was and find that true power within themselves to be able to share that. (02:46)

•   When you think about when you’re speaking to people through your podcast, that’s what you’re doing is like the tonality of your voice, the resonance, how you’re speaking to people, when you have that confidence in your voice. That way when you’re talking to people, they actually are picking up your energy… We’re all intertwined energetically. Everybody in this universe is intertwined, we’re able to be fed information. When Einstein talked about relativity, and he would talk about black holes, a lot of it was a theory before, but now they know it’s true, and then they start looking at electro-magnetics. Electromagnetic waves is what causes that interconnection between all human beings and actually every object, everything in the universe. But what they found is around the edges of the black holes runs this electromagnetic waves, and so it’s interconnected. So, think about how every soul, every being, every plant, everything is connected, throughout the whole universe. (06:39)

• What you’re talking about is emotion, every cell of your body has vibrational energy within the cell, and so when you have things that have happened to you, like trauma, things that traps that emotion into each cell, the vibration of your voice will be different. So once you open up the trauma, that emotion, and release it, your voice will actually change. When I was younger, my oldest son, he passed away, and my voice changed automatic, it just got really deep, like a man. And I’d go to the doctor and they were like, I don’t know what’s wrong with you, my voice was just like a man’s voice. But my emotions, it triggered something in the vibration of my body because when you speak, it comes up your larynx, you have these vocal cords, they vibrate to be able to have the sound come out. So when the vibration of my body changed, the vibration and my vocal cords changed, which then changed my voice. Once I was able to kind of go through the emotions and clear a lot of that out, and my voice came back to normal. (11:17)

•  Because when you’re sitting there thinking, what does this person want to hear? It’s not what you’re saying, it’s the intention behind what you’re saying. So what’s your intention? I think that you need to look at that first. When you start putting your message out there and you have that intention in mind, and you think about these people that you want to connect with, and it’s like, what is it that you want to help transform for them? (16:01)


Jody is the Founder and CEO of FRQNCY Media Group, parent company to FMG Radio, TV, Podcasting and Magazine. She holds the same roles with Podcast School & Women in Podcasting, all are cutting-edge platforms combining creativity, personal empowerment and technology to empower voices, ideas & stories.

She began speaking Internationally in 2004, becoming one of the first Women to teach blogging and podcasting in the US and China. She has shared the stage with many notable speakers such as Michael Beckwith, Barbara De Angelis, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield and many more.

Jody is a pioneer – an insider’s mentor – in the realms of internet marketing, new media, social networking, and business strategy development. In 2008 she distilled that knowledge into her acclaimed book and training program Be A Show Host: How to Connect Your Dream to The New World of Community, Customers and Continual Profits. This comprehensive media course has been used to teach thousands of students to develop professional, polished, and – best of all – profitable podcasts and radio shows.

Jody has worked with celebrities and charity organizations such as Make a Wish Foundation and The Sole of Africa with Nelson Mandela, Brad Pitt and Sir Richard Branson; and with clients featured on 20/20, Good Morning America, Oprah, and Dr. Phil.


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