Episode 35: Welcome back to You Are the Magic Pill, I’m your host Victoria. On today’s episode I want to encourage you to follow your own heart’s desire, and to know that that’s exactly what you need to do, try not to compare yourself, try not to judge yourself according to other people’s standards and other people’s desires that they want in their life. You take your own path, you do what’s right for you and I have promised you, you’re going to come up out on top, you’re going to rise up. It’s will be amazing and you’re going to be exactly where you need to be. You be you boo!

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• We have the answers within ourselves, but we tend to look outward for those answers, and we seek advice from so many other people. But what we don’t realize is that the people we seek advice are on a different journey, while it’s okay to talk about things with other people. It’s also best to probably sit with yourself and to ask yourself those questions and to see what comes to your mind or what plays out in your reality, what synchronicity happens. Or the things that you start to observe because you asked to see certain things or you are seeking something, then you find it, right? (1:43)

•    And I’ve kinda touched on this before, but it’s really been weighing on my heart lately to talk about it a little bit more in depth, because it’s like we ask other people for this particular advice, but then they give us advice, but it’s based on what their reality is right? So even though we are in this world together, we’re not in the same reality, and we don’t have the same perception because we each have our own upbringing, we each have our own things that we were taught that are true or not true for ourselves, but it is what we were taught. The key is really to listen to yourself, to follow your own guidance and your own intuition, and I’m not saying not ask people stuff, but just do know that it isn’t necessarily going to be the best advice. Because they’re telling you based on what they would do. (2:33)

•   Are you trying to create that in your reality based on that you think that you’re supposed to do this? Because other people are doing this, because society thinks you should do it? Or, are you doing this because you want to? You know what I mean? Because you desire to… So that’s the questions I have to ask myself. Whenever I’m making decisions, it’s like, Okay, how do you feel about that inside… Does it ignite you? Does it bring peace to you or am I pushing it? Am I trying to make this happen based on somebody else’s beliefs, based on somebody else’s journey, based on what I’ve been taught, so that’s where you really have to know thyself, right, because when you know thy self, then you can feel and be able to be in tune with what’s right for your personal path, and it’s just been really such a cool experience to finally see that for myself and to be like, It’s okay if you don’t do a certain thing that other people think you should do. (5:29)

•    And if you don’t know what that is, that’s where you have to start spending time with yourself, because if you’re always following the leader, you’re always following the guidance of other people, then maybe you’re living in their shadows and you’re not truly seeing who you are. So, you gotta take that step to find out who you are, right? If you don’t know… I didn’t use to know that, I’m slowly still discovering that because I’ve always kinda lived in the shadows of other people, and I don’t regret it, it’s fine, it’s just part of my process of this life and part of my experience, and now I’m just kind of realizing that I’m just kind of discovering who I am and what ignites and just lights me up. I’m starting to take different risks to do different things that I didn’t know I would even be doing. (7:26) 


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