Stop Projecting All Over Me

I want to talk to you today about projecting. Don’t you just want people to stop projecting all over you? And if you don’t know what that means, I want to explain it just a little bit. Projection, basically is whenever somebody is taking their beliefs and opinions and their life experiences and giving you advice or having an opinion about you.

Richele Batt – Love is Unconditional but Relationships are Not

I’m excited because I have a very good friend on today, Richele Batt. Listen in to our conversation as we discuss relationships, unconditional love and red flags that something is wrong.

Jillian Laudano – EFT Tapping for Anxiety & Depression

Jillian Ladino, a personal transformation coach, energy healer, speaker, and host of Thursday Talks, a weekly live talk show, talks about tapping and techniques and tips to help with anxiety & depression.

Is Dating Really That Awful?

Today, I have a very special guest with me to have a conversation about relationships. His name is Daniel Herrold, and he is a divorced dad of three daughters who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Daniel is the co-creator of Divorced Over 40.

Withers Turner Bolin – Stop Hiding

I’m excited because I haven’t had a guest on here to talk to you with me until today. I have my friend Withers with me, we’ve known each other for a while now, but we’ve never actually knew that we had something in common. I’m going to let Withers tell you her story,