I call the shots and I create my own reality. I know my worth and no longer consent to anyone or anything that does not reflect that worth. I no longer accept lies and false realities.

I am free from that bondage and I have 20/20 vision to see truth that is and always has been in plain sight. I am the creator of my life story and I now make choices by following my intuition and listening to my heart.

I also choose my words and thoughts wisely because those are incredibly powerful in shaping my reality. I follow my inner voice, aka my soul.

I use discernment to illuminate my path that guides me always to fulfill my soul’s contract or purpose. I dream wide awake now and it’s f*cking awesome.

When you focus on what’s so wrong with yourself, then you lose what’s so right. My hope is that I can help you discover your true self and wake up and realize your worth. That you can know how to find your bliss and fulfill your purpose or life’s dream.

Once your eyes are open to your heart, then you will find your way back home.

You will no longer let your mind out beat your heart. You will have eyes to see and ears to hear. You will be able to fall in love with yourself and reveal that power within.

You will be able to change it all, once you change the reflection that you see.

Once you unlearn what you were taught and shift that sh*t like I did, then you will realize that you are the magic pill.