Episode #7. Hi, and welcome back to You Are the Magic Pill. Today I’m excited to start off by reading you a love note, since it’s the month of love. This note is about seeing your true self and realizing that you have a gift to offer. It’s your job to remember what that gift is, to remember what you came here to do. To remember your purpose and that you can only do that by going within. It’s my hope to you, my prayer to you, that you look at yourself and see that beauty that other people see in you.

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•   I just thought that would be a perfect thing to talk about for February, because we’re all looking for love, but we can all find that love within ourselves. (2:05)

•   When you see that beauty in somebody else, people are seeing that in you, I guarantee it. (3:05)

•     I mean what I say, I take action, not 100%, but I try to take action when I feel really inspired to do it. (3:38)

•    We’re just all unique in our own special ways, find the special-ness within you and share that. (4:33)


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