Episode 43: Welcome back to You Are the Magic Pill, I’m your host Victoria. I’m so excited that you’re here with me today as I share part 2 of my series interviewing my long time friend Dustin Strong, talking about digestion and the food we eat. Dustin is a Chief Clinician and Owner of Strong on Health, a private holistic health and wellness center in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. Ready? Listen in…


•  Now, when we get into things like depression, it’s helpful to go and look at the biggest, most common things that are happening in our country and the way that people are struggling with digesting protein… I know that sounds weird to go, Wait a minute, you talk about the depression and you’re taking about digesting proteins, but why it’s important is all of those happy hormones that all the medications they’re trying to act upon? They’re trying to act upon serotonin, trying to act upon dopamine, they’re trying to act upon norepinephrine, and they’re trying to keep these happy hormones artificially high in the brain. Well, one of the questions for me, to them is, Why do we need to artificially keep them? Hey, why don’t you have an ample amount of those in the first place? And that’s why people need to understand that those are derived from essential amino acids. (03:07)

•  Okay, so how do you fix it is your question. There’s different tools out there to do that, a lot of it is lifestyle changes, eating smaller amounts, making sure, of course, you’re chewing your food, really chew your food, not drinking too much water with your meal, because that will dilute the stomach acid, making sure that you have enough zinc, because zinc is required for stomach acid production, so you can do a zinc test… In our clinic, we have a taste test, so you can take something zinc sulfate and you hold it in your mouth, and what you taste kind of helps determine whether you have appropriate levels of zinc in your body. Yeah, and fasting is actually a really good way to help heal your digestive system as well, because we’re constantly… We have this unconscious faith that anything we put into our mouth is just going to be magically turned into all the nutrients that we need to sustain life, and it doesn’t work that way. (09:04)

•  It’s a limiting belief, and that happens. And it happens in all kinds of situations, right? Like a kid tries to do something nice for their parent and the parent was in a bad mood that day, and when they made this great gift and they present it to the parent… The parent was like, Whatever, I don’t want that right now. That left an impression on that kid, that giving gifts to people is bad, right? So, now we’ve got to figure out, Wait a minute, that was just a one tiny little situation, but it impacted you because you were young and impressionable, now we’re going to balance it out. (18:57)

•  One of my healthcare heroes always says that justice and health includes access to and knowledge of all the options, and I don’t think number one, that people definitely have the knowledge of the options, and that’s my mission to get out there and then they access… Not just access and the means of they have McDonalds, but then there’s also a store right there next to it that has a healthy option, but access through their community. If their community is setting up mental barriers to keep them from having access to a belief that’s gonna get them healthier. We have a situation where we have more drive-through restaurants and fasted restaurants than we know what to do with. Exactly. So, I guess we just have to keep sharing our message and be bringing education and awareness.  (23:22)


Dustin Strong is the Chief Clinician and Owner of Strong on Health, a private holistic health and wellness center in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX metro area. He specializes in applied clinical nutrition, holistic nutrition, and clinical consultation for other healthcare providers. Mr. Strong is an accomplished speaker and enthusiastic educator with monthly hands-on workshops with practitioners and is a regular continuing education presenter and featured expert in multiple podcasts, videos, and publications. As a holistic healthcare practitioner for nearly a decade, he is passionate about helping clients who have not had complete success with traditional healthcare methods, believing that being healthy requires a total approach, taking into consideration equally nutrition, physical exercise, spiritual balance, and personal motivation. He has been recognized as a Healthcare Hero by the Fort Worth Business Press and a Hidden Gem by Voyage Dallas Magazine. Dustin is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and an Applied Clinical Nutritionist, certified by Standard Process and Parker University.

Website: https://www.strongonhealth.com
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