Episode #10. Hi, and welcome back to You Are the Magic Pill. Today I wanted to talk to you about my marriage. I was married for 21 years, that’s a very long time. And I don’t know about you, if you’re married or if you think about getting married, or you’re in a relationship, maybe this message will help you. I wanted to write this book, I titled it. Forever is a really long time, what they don’t tell you, Because honestly, when I was 24, when I got married, the second time, I’ll have to tell you about the first time on another podcast, the second time I got married, I have to say, I had no idea. I just knew I wanted to find my soulmate, I knew I wanted to get married, have babies. All of that. But did I actually know that? I was told that that’s what I should do. And it’s just out there, just constant messages to guide us into that direction… go get married, have children, you’ll be happy they said. And no, I’m not going to paint it all as bad, I’m not that kind of person, but I will say that I got married rather quickly and here’s what I learned from that experience.

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•    And I have this question, I’ve often thought about this and was really funny as I wrote this four years ago when I was still married, and I understand that more today than I did back then, I wrote, does it mean until someone actually dies, or could it mean if you feel the life sucked out of you, like you are dead, and I think that that’s what it means. (3:34)

•    I just knew I had to get married and then one day, start a family. I had no idea what that really meant. I do know now. And so I think when you’re on this journey, make sure to listen to that inner voice, if you notice red flags, pay attention, pay attention to those red flags, if you feel it’s the right direction to go, then go for it because it’s part of your journey. (5:51)

•    It’s going to work out in the end. All things work out the way that they should. And if you go along your life and you realize that you know that everything is going to work out exactly as it should in your life, then you can have a greater piece and happiness. (6:33)

•   And when you become aware of that and you see that all things are not about just having that relationship in your life forever, then you realize that you’re just learning from that person, and then you can see all those things and go through that process of becoming whole yourself. And that’s another episode to get into more of that process. But just to introduce that to you, that that’s what we’re here to do, is to become whole and to come to love ourselves so we can reflect that back into the world and change our reality together. (7:48)


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