Episode #4: I’m so excited that you came back! Because today I want to talk about how I get myself so excited in the shower. I’m going to give you a few tips on how you can get yourself excited in the shower too. It’s definitely worth it, shower time can be way more than just getting ourselves all cleaned up. I often get so into my mindset time while in the shower that I bring myself to tears of joy. And this is the truth, I totally make myself cry in the shower because I get so inspired. The kind of joy that makes you feel so good because you know you can become that person, or achieve your dreams. Let’s dive into the three steps I take to get excited while in the shower…ready?


•    I personally love having that alone time, because there’s no distractions in the shower. (2:08)
•    Today is the day that I conquer all things, and I want you to do that. Take that time in the shower. (3:00)
•   Turn on music that inspires you and motivates you, lifts your spirit while you’re taking a shower. (4:00)
•    Have some kind of dry erase board, or a voice recorder, so you can record your downloads or your inspiration while you’re in the shower.  (4:25)


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