Episode 17: Welcome back to You Are the Magic Pill. Today, I’m excited because I have a very good friend on today, Richele Batt. Listen in to our conversation as we discuss relationships, unconditional love, red flags and should you stay or should you go?

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•    So a lot of people think you can’t love someone and let them go, but the truth is, with our divorce rate, obviously that’s not the case, and relationships do end. It’s not because of a lack of love, many times it’s because of the toxicity of the relationship and is it healthy anymore? Many times it’s just people realize that it’s not good for them to stay and they have to give it up for them to love themselves the most and for them to be healthy. (1:28)

• Many times, if you could get to a point in your life where you just don’t feel like you even know who you are, because you’ve become an extension of this other person. Like, who is Richele? I got to a point where I was like, What do I even like? Because I don’t know, I’m just an extension of this person, I’m his wife is… I’m their mom. What do I like? I don’t know, I’m just an extension or I’m only allowed? That’s a really key word there, I’m only allowed to do these certain things. (4:17)

• That’s where you get into power and control, where one person holds all the power and the other person, it’s like you’re dimming yourself down, you’re giving your power away, you’re not speaking up for yourself, and you’re living in fear, and you’re walking on egg shells and you’re just like, Okay, you’re just really doing anything you can to avoid triggering that person into anger or rage, and that’s a huge red flag that you are in a very toxic situation. That’s when it’s like the relationship going way down. (6:39)

• Until I started getting sick, I really just didn’t want to leave. But yeah, it does happen. So if you’re in that position and you’re like, What’s wrong with me? Why am I sick? And your relationship isn’t good, you might want to consider that it’s your stress level, it’s the relationship, so that needs to be a red flag as well. (13:26)

• Yeah, I’m at a level of self-love that I never had before, and I just love teaching people that. That’s where you have to start, and it just brings tears to my eyes, it really does. It’s an honor to help people. It really is. To absolutely love it. It’s just my passion. (18:19)


Richele is a coach, YouTube TV host and soon to be podcaster. Her passion is  to help you find your beauty from the inside out.

​Richele wants to give you the power you need to understand that at the end of the day YOU are the essence and source of what happens in your life.  You deserve to be confident in who YOU ARE. 

“Those Who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed To Repeat It …’ Learn YOUR history, embrace it and STOP repeating patterns that did not SERVE YOU in the past.


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