Episode 18: I want to talk to you today about projecting. Don’t you just want people to stop projecting all over you? And if you don’t know what that means, I want to explain it just a little bit. Projection, basically is whenever somebody is taking their beliefs and opinions and their life experiences and giving you advice or having an opinion about you, or a judgement based on that. And it has absolutely nothing to do with you. Because we’re all in this world running around doing our thing together, but we’re not in the same reality. But honestly, if everybody could really understand projection, then this world could be a little bit of a different place, and because each of us would realize that just because you say something, or I say something and we don’t agree, sometimes it doesn’t necessarily mean that either one of us is right or wrong.

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•   Why do I always get triggered when someone says something to me? Because when someone says something to you, it’s not about you at all. It’s about them. (3:15)

•   Someone said something to me about me being too thin, and called me a name actually too. And this person wasn’t intending on making me upset or triggering me or anything like that. And honestly, when this person said it to me, I didn’t get super triggered. But I did get like, Oh wait. Why are you saying that to me? And then I had to step back and realize it’s about that person and not me. (4:55)

•   I think that if we just would truly let people live their lives authentically, or just allow people to live their lives and they would actually be able to be authentic, I think that we’re taught so much bullsh*t lies about what we should be and how we should think how I should dress, how we should just be 247, what kind of job we should have, what kind of house we should have, or we should have this amount of money, and you should never do this. (9:34)

•   We’re human, right? I’m just becoming more aware of it, so I’m calming down, and I’m looking at myself more and realizing that I just need to let people be themselves instead of maybe giving unsolicited advice, if somebody asks for my advice that I’m going to base it on what I know about them, and ask them. What do you have a piece about? Where do you see your life? What it brings you joy, what brings you happiness? And what do you want in your life? (11:17)


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