Episode 19: On today’s episode, I’m talking to you about a topic that makes me uncomfortable, but not too much, I’m pretty much an open book. I want to take a look at how we sometimes use sex as a way to feel wanted, desired, loved, or validated.

Ready? Listen in…


•    I thought by having sex basically, that that would bring me love, and in all honesty, every time that I did have sex, it was me thinking that I was going to be with this person and that we were going to be in love, and that if I did this, then that would create that love, and as you probably know how the story goes… (2:07)

•    I know that when I experience those relationships are those moments of intimacy, and then it just leaves you with still that void and you don’t get anything out of it and accept disappointment and more void. I guess at the time to regret and guilt and shame, all those terrible things that we tell ourselves associated with sex. (3:33)

•    I’m here to tell you, is that we each have our own journeys and just because your journey is not the same as my journey, or the same as somebody else’s, doesn’t mean that it’s a wrong journey, it means it’s the right journey for you. (5:33)

•   I’m just speaking from my experience that I used to think those thoughts about myself, and I no longer do that because I know that it’s made me the person I am today, and I’m really looking forward to actually experiencing that now that I love myself. (7:49)


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