Episode 36: Welcome back to You Are the Magic Pill, I’m your host Victoria. On today’s episode I want to talk to you about something that I was thinking about, and I actually wrote it all out and I thought I would share it with you, so I wanted to say, What if you just said, F*ck it, right? Don’t you just want to just say that… And I know you do. What if you could actually do what you really wanted to do? What if this whole time you could have actually done it and you just didn’t realize it, because you were programmed to think something else? What if everything you were taught was just a lie, and it’s not even your truth? Have you ever questioned your upbringing or why you were taught certain things? What if you imagined everything? It’s time to wake up and start asking to receive and see, humanity needs you.

Ready? Listen in…


•  What if you actually believed that you could just do it, what if one day you just said Fck it, and you decided to change your story that you tell yourself? What if you decided to go in another direction than everyone else? What if you listened to the inner voice, or saw the signs that opened up your eyes? What if you started dreaming wide awake? What if you stopped comparing yourself to others? What if he started saying nice things to yourself? What if you asked to see truth? What if you started making healthier choices? What if you realize that your life is precious? What if you really knew and believed that you had the power of God within you? What if you took that power back? What if you stopped judging others? What if you practice kindness? What if you decided to shift that sh*t and change your thoughts?  (2:17)

• I’ve seen, it’s so important for us to really question all these things and to really think about it, we’re only here in this moment, now, in this lifetime, what we do does matter, what we think about, does matter. How we treat other people matters. It all creates matter. Our thoughts create our reality, your thoughts create your perception, which then creates your reality. So, if you want to change what you’re seeing, change your thoughts, change your words, we were created by the word after all, so it’s pretty powerful what you actually verbalize into the universe, into the world out here that we live in. (4:55)

•   And so I wrote this other part that says with imagination, I’ll get there. Our imagination is crucial to our creation, the images that you have in your imagination will appear in your reality. So what if you don’t imagine anything? What if you imagine everything? It’s time to wake up. Wake up and start asking to receive and see, humanity needs you. (5:52)

• Just do it. Just wake up and realize that you are the magic pill, you are the one. We all are, we’re all collectively the ones, it’s time for us to come together and to unite and to put an end to some of this insanity and chaos that is an our world right now. Anyway, that’s my message for you today. To just say, what if, and to ask those questions, and to go within and to find that true power and take it back. (6:45)


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